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Remember that theory about Ant-Man crawling inside Thanos' butt? There's a song about it now

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Ant-Man might not have appeared in Infinity War, but he’s got some pretty big pants to fill in Endgame. In this instance, that’s not even a figure of speech. In one of the most ridiculous theories to grace the MCU fandom, Scott Lang flies inside Thanos’ butt in order to then blow him up from the inside out. As ridiculous as it might be though, it’s actually not that implausible, which is probably why someone decided to go and make a song out of it.


YouTube user Bonecage posted the little ditty on Sunday, and it’s simple and rather catchy—maybe too catchy for a song about a superhero climbing inside a villain’s butthole? Regardless of its content, or the numerous, overlapping memes serving as the background fodder for the video, the reason behind its infectious nature is all in the beat and the lyrics.

The spine-rattling EDM beat is as club-ready as it gets, especially once the memes give way to a Thanos dance break at 3:20. Some lyrical highlights include the straightforward refrain, “I’m gonna get real small / And crawl inside your butthole,” as well as a sick jab at the God of Thunder and a welcome warning about the “turds” Ant-Man might pass along the way. They also call Lang a “rectal ninja,” so kudos there, too. Hear it above and stream it on Spotify here.


You, dear reader, have the internet to thank for this theory, which came from the pages of Reddit, made its way to Twitter—as most viral things do—and even found its way on over to Paul Rudd and Josh Brolin. The countless memes have not stopped since then, their persistence giving the theory more credence than it probably deserves. These are movies for kids!

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