Lately it looks like famous movie bashes are making their way off screen—earlier this month, Catalina held the first real-life “Catalina Wine Mixer” (though no expletives or helicopters were used), as inspired by Adam McKay’s Step Brothers. Now some industrious souls in New York are organizing a high-end reenactment of the opening scene from 1998’s Blade starring Wesley Snipes. The “Blade Rave” party will recreate the “Blood Bath” rave scene in which we’re introduced to the titular vampire hunter (Snipes).

BBQ Films, the team that hosted Patrick Bateman’s birthday party and a Hill Valley dance, is organizing the event as an official afterparty of New York Super Week, presumably because guests will already be dressed in their leather-or-latex best. Vampire Deacon Frost, the Stephen Dorff character from the movie who probably won’t be played by Dorff at the party, will be on hand to “raise the Blood God” along with headliners The Crystal Method.


The event page promises a rave just like one you would’ve experienced in 1998, which we’re guessing means you won’t have reliable cell phone service with which to beg your mom to come pick you up. There will be sword-fighting demos, “vampire dance moves,” and of course, a (synthetic) blood bath. VIP or “pureblood” ticket holders will have a velvet-roped lair from which to look down on their prey and the hoi polloi. There will also be a cash bar, because this vampire schtick only goes so far.

The Blade homages aren’t relegated to the United States—there’s a similar blood rave in the works in Amsterdam, although the Dutch are reportedly still figuring out just what to do with all of that blood (guess they haven’t seen The Shining).


[h/t: Dread Central]