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Remake of Embrace Of The Vampire on the way without topless Alyssa Milano

Dread Central reports that a remake is in the works for Embrace Of The Vampire, the cult hit screencaps of a topless Alyssa Milano that also come from a movie or something. CineTel Films—producers of that recent, execrable update of the similarly exploitative I Spit On Your Grave—have reportedly begun developing a “modern spin” on Anne Goursaud’s 1995 story of a chaste college girl who escapes into erotic fantasies involving a brooding vampire, fantasies that involve repeatedly taking off her top so that everyone forgets she starred in those “Teen Steam” videos and is a woman now. There are no details as yet beyond that, but you have to admire the CineTel producer who clearly got caught (like so many of us) Googling this film, yet remains really committed to his “we’re thinking about remaking it” excuse.

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