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Last week there was a great disturbance in the cinephile force. The BBC tasked 177 critics from 36 countries to put together the top 100 films of the 21st century (so far). The list has caused quite a bit of conversation and some controversy over what was included and excluded and the overall rankings of the films. With David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive landing at the number one spot, and Christopher Nolan’s Memento bringing up the rear of the top 25 films, many debates took place (including in the comments sections of many sites) over the list. Now, as a way of introducing or reminding people of the various films comes a supercut assembling the top 25 films in the BBC’s list.

No Film School put out the video, edited by Nelson Carvajal, which compiles some of the most iconic shots from these excellent films. It’s a brief video but manages to quickly remind viewers of the films and their emotional centers. Whether it’s Anton Chigurh entering a room in No Country For Old Men or just two former strangers exchanging a secret in Lost In Translation, the video is a nice time capsule of these heralded films and may even prompt many to revisit them. However people feel about the BBC’s list, it will lead to more than just disagreements; hopefully it will lead to people discovering (or rediscovering) some modern classics that deliver an emotional wallop.


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