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Relive Freaks And Geeks with adorable and awkward behind-the-scenes photos

(Photo: @JohnFDaley/Twitter)

Today John Francis Daley, none other than Sam Weir himself, engaged in the internet tradition of #fbf, otherwise known as Flashback Friday. Naturally, the images of Daley’s adolescence are more intriguing than most, since his awkward years were documented for one miraculous season on Freaks And Geeks. Thus, he posted some delightful behind the scenes photos from the production of the show.

They are everything your Paul Feig/Judd Apatow-loving hearts could want. In one, Daley shares a moment with his onscreen sister, Linda Cardellini. In another, he goofs around while Jason Segel stands grinning in the background. Apatow and Samm Levine make cameos. Combined, they are enough to make you want to log in to Netflix and go on a binge.


The pictures were taken by Gabe Sachs, who was a writer on the show, and is now one of the creators of NBC’s The Night Shift. More of these please, guys.

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