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Relive 1995’s forgotten TV debuts with an opening credits supercut

The cast of Hope and Gloria

Quick: Who’s your favorite character on ABC’s Manhattan Love Story? Hell, who’s your favorite actor on Manhattan Love Story? If the answer was “What the hell is Manhattan Love Story?” you’re one of the millions who didn’t watch the short-lived sitcom, leading to its dubious distinction as the first cancellation of the 2014-2015 television season. Broadcast networks churn through material at a furious pace, and once flash-in-the-pan shows are canceled, their memories are gone forever, save for campfire stories told by some guy who was an assistant director on Cop Rock.

But thanks to YouTube rock stars like Bob Parker, you can briefly revisit 1995’s forgotten television gems by watching their opening credits. (By “revisit,” we obviously mean “visit,” as most of these shows never found an audience and are unrecognizable.) Not all of the season’s debuts were unsuccessful: NBC’s gal-pal sitcom Hope And Gloria limped to a second season, and CBS’s Diagnosis: Murder went on to an impressive eight seasons back when audiences were insatiable for old people solving mysteries. But some of these shows aren’t ringing any bells. Anyone have memories of the CBS sitcom The Boys Are Back? Hal Linden and Suzanne Pleshette were in it? It’s cool if not. The credits supercut is still fun to watch if you imagine it as a star-studded sequel to Too Many Cooks.

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