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Relax with some Zen footage of United tossing luggage out of an airplane

Credit: Kevin Moloney / Stringer / Getty

We don’t need to tell you about United Airlines’ contempt for all living things. You read all about its violent assault of an elderly passenger, its half-assed apologies for said re-accommodation, its plague of scorpions, its ability to kill a beloved and large bunny rabbit, the fact that it flew ScHoolboy Q’s dog to the wrong city. This is what United does! Thus, there’s something uniquely Zen, almost calming, about this short video of United employees dumping people’s luggage on the tarmac, showing for inanimate objects the same unbridled malevolence they normally reserve for biological creatures. It is reassuring to see how deeply the philosophy permeates the company.


This is the natural state of affairs for United Airlines, an entity utterly at peace with itself. Behold the branded car idling in the background; the glorious comic timing of the suitcase soaring in from the right; the blissful, almost apocalyptic lack of human presence anywhere in the video except for the amused snort of the filmmaker. He (the guy who took the video) later told Insider that someone showed up to remedy the mistake, but then, this is United; shortly afterward an endangered seagull probably got tossed into the jet engine, its viscera scattering to the winds in yet another beautiful, serene display of incompetence.

[via Reddit]

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