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Relax, Pen15 season 2 finally has a premiere date

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One of the most joyous experiences in recent years happens to be a show that revisits one of the most painful experiences of our lifetime. No, not 2020 (although it’s really gunning for the crown)—middle school. Pen15 stars co-creators Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine as 13-year-old versions of themselves opposite a cast of actual 13-year-olds and tweens, resulting in an acutely relatable exploration of middle school life circa the year 2000 with all the Trapper Keepers and bodily changes and Surge soda that entails. Pen15 is every bit as sweet as it is cringe-inducing, and we’ve been anxious for the second season of this incredible oddball series—especially now, what with it being an absolute hell out there and all. Hulu has finally revealed the season two premiere date for Pen15 via an appropriately goofy teaser, which offers a preview of what our pals Anna and Maya are up to when we head back to seventh grade:

The second season of Pen15 consists of 14 episodes; Hulu will debut the first seven episodes on September 18, with the second half of the season arriving in 2021. Some fans might find that a little annoying, but it’s actually good looking out on Hulu’s part, ensuring that we won’t run out of new Pen15 content too quickly. What the world needs now is carefully meted-out escapism, okay?


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