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The earth convulsed on Monday, threatening to split and spew hell’s feral fire and brimstone. Why? Because Friends, the NBC sitcom where Matthew Perry has a third nipple, would soon leave Netflix. Eagle-eyed streamers saw a January 1 expiration date on the show’s Netflix page, and the news spread like an Ebola-infected Marcel throughout social media. So virulent was the response that Netflix quickly emerged, placing a soft hand on the shoulder of its subscribers to assure them that Central Perk remains open for business. For now, at least.

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Friends will remain on the streaming service throughout 2019. After that, however, you’ll more than likely need to pony up for WarnerMedia’s three-tiered streaming service, which is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2019.


Or, if the fickle whims of a major streaming platform give you anxiety, you could do what our ancestors did and watch whatever random episode TBS is probably airing right now.

Randall Colburn is The A.V. Club's Internet Culture Editor. He lives in Chicago, occasionally writes plays, and was a talking head in Best Worst Movie, the documentary about Troll 2.

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