Pizza. The ambrosia of the modern era and Macaulay Culkin’s sultry muse. A metaphor for human togetherness and the utopia of food. From birth to death, it shepherds us through the grim valley of life, allowing every man and woman to choose their toppings for themselves. And now, thanks to the coming of the Pizza Bed, it can even watch over us while we sleep.

Created by Brooklyn-based art designer Claire Manganiello, The Pizza Bed, with its delicious-looking pepperonis and crusty pillows, is the culmination of a dream that began with the Hamburger Bed and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Taco Bed—a dream of not only consuming food, thus surrounding it with our ever-expanding bodies, but of being surrounded by it, nestled in its warm, greasy embrace like a mother’s hug.

Sadly, for now, the Pizza Bed is only a concept. Like all true Utopian dreams, it cannot be bought with money. We can only pray, and wait, for the deliverance it promises to bring.

[via Laughing Squid]