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Reign's Rachel Skarsten to terrorize Kate Kane as the villain of The CW's Batwoman

Photo: Tiffany Rose (Getty Images)

After getting a taste of Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane during the CW’s Arrowverse crossover “Elseworlds,” you may have been curious as to who would be squaring off weekly with Kane’s seemingly inherited brooding glare in the upcoming Batwoman series. As it turns out, that honor has been bestowed upon CW alum Rachel Skarsten.

Skarsten has been tapped to play Alice, who will be leading the Lewis Carroll-inspired Wonderland Gang while filling the role of Kane’s main antagonist. We can prepare ourselves for the inevitable comparisons to Joker (because when will we ever actually be free of him?); however, Alice has the room to shine in her own right, as she menacingly toggles between enchanting and certifiable. The Lost Girl actress is the latest addition to the steadily growing supporting cast, joining Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox/Nightwing, Meagan Tandy as Kane’s girlfriend Sophie Moore, and Nicole Kang as Kane’s chipper stepsister Mary Hamilton.


Skarsten is returning to the CW after her stint as Queen Elizabeth on Reign. It should also be noted that her first major role materialized on the 2002 one-season-and-done series Birds of Prey, where she played Dinah Lance during the good old days of The WB. So she isn’t exactly a stranger to the DC televised universe. Hopefully this go-round will be a better fit.

[Via Deadline]

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