Regular Show

At the end of last season, the whole Regular Show gang was launched into space, with Mordecai, Rigby, and all of their friends trapped in a huge dome surrounding their park. Now, Cartoon Network has confirmed some similarly distressing details about the show’s upcoming eighth season, which is set to premiere on September 26 on Cartoon Network. For starters, the entire season is going to take place in orbit—meaning Mordecai and Rigby won’t be getting home any time soon—and this season will also be Regular Show‘s last.

In a press release, Cartoon Network’s chief content officer Rob Sorcher said that Regular Show “has been one of the most original animated series of this generation,” adding that he’s “proud” that the cast and crew “all agreed to go up in space together for one hilarious final journey.” Series creator JG Quintel said that “Regular Show has been so much fun,” noting that they “got to tell all of the stories [they] wanted to tell” and that they’re “making the choice to go out exactly how [they] want to go out.” Quintel also says the final episodes will be “wrapping things up in a big, big way” and that they’ll be “bringing everything full circle.”


You can see a clip from the season premiere below, and the series finale is currently set to air at some point in January.