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"Regular Ordinary" Swedish cooking show involves yelling, violent chopping, face-smashing

Epic Meal Time kicked off the "not for all you pansy-ass mother fuckers" craze of Internet cooking shows, demonstrating the proper way to incorporate meat, Four Loko, and meat into already meat-saturated, vegetable- (and dignity-) barren meals. But the world lay still in anticipation. "What would the Swedes think?" was muttered amongst friends and strangers alike, on the streets and on various shuttle buses to Ikea.

And with Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time, we know.

Holy crap, that guy smeared butter with his face. He ate mayonnaise with a spoon. He poured himself a whole handful of salt and then sprinkled only a tiny amount into the pot. What they call "ordinary" is far more menacing even than what we call "epic," and involves almost no unessential conversation. Americans are nothing if not frivolous.


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