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Actress Regina Hall shared a lot during her interview with The New York Times, but few aspects were as relatable as her desire to leave all the industry noise behind and head to a nunnery.  

Eight years ago, Hall considered pursuing her childhood interest of becoming a nun. While she vaguely mentions going through a break-up around that time, Hall doesn’t cite any specific events or attitudes that triggered the desire. “I never thought about walking away from anything. I thought of walking to something,” Hall said.I thought being a nun would be peaceful.”


Ultimately, Hall did no take up residence in a convent, as evidenced by her currently blooming career post-Girls Trip. The main barrier between her and a simpler life: Her age.

“The group I was interested in had an age limit for joining,” she explained.There were a couple things in my way. I could’ve lied about them, but I didn’t want to start off as a nun like that.”

Hall was also very candid about her place in mainstream Hollywood versus her more recognizable stance within black Hollywood. She also, unfortunately, had to field questions about friend Kevin Hart and his Oscars drama, because living in 2019 still doesn’t render women immune to answering questions about the unrelated behavior of men.

The runaway success of Girls Trip has led to a new phase of Hall’s career, one that has reintroduced her to indie audiences thanks to her starring role in the comedy Support The Girls.





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