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Regal Cinemas, other chains ban Bush assassination film

The controversy over Death Of A President, a faux-documentary about the President George W. Bush's assassination and its aftermath, seemed to have died down after audiences actually watched the film at this year's Toronto Film Festival in September and found it considerably less inflammatory than its premise suggested. Alas, the controversy has been rekindled again now that several major theater chains, most notably Regal Cinemas and Cinemark/Century theatres, have declined to book the film in its theaters when it rolls out on October 27.

Says Regal Entertainment Group CEO Mike Campbell, "We feel it is inappropriate to portray the future assassination of a sitting president, regardless of political affiliation." We at the A.V. Club feel it's also inappropriate to give Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson their own comedic vehicle, but perhaps it's best in both cases to let, you know, the audience decide.

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