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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Referencing industry continues to boom as emRobot Chicken/em gets a seventh season

The business of quoting from '80s cartoons and sitcoms, action figures, comic books, video games, viral videos, and other things repeatedly discussed on the Internet continues to be lucrative, as Adult Swim's Robot Chicken—one of the driving forces behind the modern referencing industry—has been given a seventh season. Co-creator Seth Green made the announcement at this weekend's New York Comic-Con, along with previewing upcoming sketches that parody things like Pinky And The Brain, Mario and Luigi, Parappa The Rapper, and a "Zombie Joss Whedon," all of which are things that people on the Internet might recognize and then enjoy seeing mocked with stop-motion animated toys. In related news, no one is paying you to play with dolls and make Pinky And The Brain jokes, but that doesn't mean you should stop and be some boring, sellout adult or anything.


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