Cheryl Strayed’s Wild relaunched Oprah’s Book Club in 2012, and now a film adaptation is shaping up to be another reset button for Reese Witherspoon following her drunken arrest in Atlanta. Witherspoon will produce and star in Nick Hornby’s adaptation of Wild, a memoir chronicling the author’s solitary hike along the Pacific Crest Trail amid the turmoil of losing her mother and her marriage. Strayed embarked on the hike as a means of getting her life back together, much as Witherspoon probably needs to get some distance from her PR embarrassment. A lengthy journey along the West Coast should take care of that. Considering Strayed hiked the trail alone, and the dramatic years leading up to her journey will surely be covered in flashbacks, this could end up being a female-driven version of 127 Hours with fewer severed limbs.