How Do You Know

As reported by The Tracking Board, Reese Witherspoon—a professional blonde lady with a can-do spirit—is set to produce and star in an adaptation of Opening Belle, an upcoming book about a blonde lady with a can-do spirit who has to juggle being a mother with her Wall Street career. Opening Belle was written (is being written? Like we said, it’s not out yet) by Maureen Sherry Klinsky, and it’s a “comic take” on her life as a stockbroker raising three kids, set just before the economy went down the toilet in 2007. Given that this will be a Reese Witherspoon movie, we imagine she’ll get everything on track with an emphatic “C’mon, y’all!” and then everyone will nod to each other as if to say, “Thank you Reese Witherspoon, your can-do spirit really energized the stock market.”

The Tracking Board also notes that Bruna Papandrea is another producer on the project. Papandrea recently produced both Wild and Hot Pursuit, both of which starred Witherspoon. Wild won her an Oscar nomination, and Hot Pursuit was a bit of a flop, so Opening Belle could go either way.