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Illustration for article titled Reese Witherspoon to play a pretty, pretty, troubled princess in a new live-action Disney fairy tale

Reese Witherspoon is set to star in a live-action fairy tale movie for Disney. The project, tentatively titled Happily Ever After, is a look at what happens to a storybook prince and princess 10 years after they ride off into the sunset. Witherspoon will play the pretty, pretty princess, of course, and some as-yet-unnamed square-jawed dude will play her beau. The project, written by Don’t Trust The B— In Apartment 23 creator Nahnatchka Khan, is supposed to show that even fairytale romance requires a little work. Still, given that it’s both a movie and about a Disneyfied fictional relationship, the prince and princess probably won’t be doing all that much fighting about money or extramarital affairs.


The movie doesn’t have a set shooting date yet, and Witherspoon is already involved in a number of other upcoming projects. For instance, she’s due to start filming Nick Hornby’s adaptation of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild this fall. She’s also in the upcoming sci-fi romance Passengers and the adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice.

Khan’s not exactly wide-open either. She’s currently writing and executive producing an unnamed animated movie for real-life prince Russell Brand.

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