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Reese Witherspoon exudes some cool aunt energy in her first TikTok

Screenshot: YouTube

Reese Witherspoon’s radiating some of that Elle Woods coolness IRL with her first venture into the adventurous online world of TikTok. The actress, who will reprise her iconic Legally Blonde character for an upcoming threequel, is showing off her skills in her first (and so far only) TikTok, wherein she attempts some solid dance moves, poses with a water bottle, and cuddles her dog, among other fun stuff. What, like it’s hard?

She looks chic doing all of it, teaming up with (and embarrassing the hell out of her son) Deacon Phillippe. Mortified as he may be, however, we’re enjoying the hell out of her “cool aunt, two margaritas in” energy.


The TikTok joins a whole slew of new projects, from the aforementioned Legally Blonde project to her upcoming roles in Apple TV+’s morning news drama The Morning Show and Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere adaptation. And, as we already know, she killed at as Madeline Martha Mackenzie in Big Little Lies season two this summer.

The actress joins a list of celebrities who have given in to this generation’s favorite mode of entertainment. Just look at Dennis Rodman’s confusing yet charming entry and Arnold Shcwarzenegger casually chasing a mini-pony on a little motorbike. Keep ‘em coming.

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