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Reese Witherspoon digs sequined bikini out of storage, confirms Legally Blonde 3

Screenshot: YouTube

If your fictional character announces her intention to apply to Harvard Law School with a sassy video showing her recapping the plot of Days Of Our Lives while wearing a sequined bikini and lounging in a floaty mat, why not apply that same logic to your real-life publicizing of a new sequel? It worked for the fake person.

That was presumably the thinking behind Reese Witherspoon’s official announcement of a third installment in her Legally Blonde franchise. (Perhaps there was also the thought of just paying homage to the original in a lighthearted and silly way, but we’re hoping that reasoning was far below, “What would Elle Woods do?” in her decision-making process. WWEWD, just like our full-size back tattoo reads.) We reported earlier this week that Witherspoon was in talks to restart the film series, though at that time in was just the usual “in talks” report, which historically have an equal chance of either leading to an actual movie or to us never hearing about the project again.


The actor posted a tweet this morning with the hashtag #LegallyBlonde3" (thereby missing the obvious opportunity to brand this third film L3gally Blond3, or, failing that, Threegally Blonde) and her drifting past the camera in a callback to the pink sequined bikini her character wore in her Harvard application video from the first film—though she errs by lying on a blue floaty mat, rather than the green one Elle Woods was on previously. Surely her responses will now be flooded with the Legally Blonde equivalent of Star Wars fans, lambasting this egregious rupture in canon.

No release date has been announced, but Vulture reports Witherspoon is again collaborating with Karen McCullah and Kirsten Smith, screenwriters of the original script.

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