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Reese Witherspoon bends and snaps for Legally Blonde’s 15th anniversary

(Photo: Legally Blonde)

It’s the 15th anniversary of the early ’00s comedy/secret feminist masterpiece Legally Blonde. And to celebrate, star Reese Witherspoon threw on her best Elle Woods pink and recreated the movie’s iconic “bend and snap” over on Instagram. And in some nice attention to detail, an assistant even scrounged up a puffy pink pen like the one Elle uses on her first day of law school for Witherspoon to demonstrate with.


In the movie, the “bend and snap”—which has a 98 percent success rate of getting a man’s attention—is Elle’s go-to flirting tool and she teaches it to her socially awkward friend Paulette (Jennifer Coolidge) to give her a dose of confidence. If the concept perhaps doesn’t quite hold 15 years later, the scene in which a bunch of women unquestionably support one another still feels refreshing as hell:

Witherspoon’s bend and snap video was shared on the official Instagram page. Meanwhile over on her personal Instagram, Witherspoon shared a slightly more intense GIF form of the move:

Works every time!

[via Vulture]


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