Many have tried and failed to make a Peggy Lee biopic over the years, but few have had the industry clout of Reese Witherspoon and Nora Ephron (also: the money), so it’s highly probable that their planned version will be the one to make it. Variety reports that Witherspoon will both star and produce a film about the singer, songwriter, and actress whose 70-year career encompassed everything from fronting Benny Goodman’s big band to an Oscar-nominated turn playing a boozy gangster’s moll in Pete Kelly’s Blues to recording many of the voices for Disney’s Lady And The Tramp, while also recording seminal hits like “Fever” along the way. Ephron—a self-proclaimed “longtime fan”—will write and direct for Fox 2000, which previously housed Walk The Line. The film has yet to announce which one of Lee’s songs will be similarly adopted for the title, but we’d double down on Is That All There Is?.