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We have every reason to believe that this was the cast of Reef Break.
Photo: Craig Sjodin (ABC)

After what we have been assured, by multiple sources, was a full season of being broadcast into the nation’s TVs—like, all of ’em!—ABC has announced the cancellation of its single-season summer series Reef Break. The action-adventure-probably-we’re-really-just-guessing-here show allegedly starred Poppy Montgomery (Without A Trace, Unforgettable, something called Reef Break) as a former thief who works with law enforcement in order to catch other, less-former thieves.

And, hey: You know things aren’t going great for a show when even the obsessives who fill in your Wikipedia TV episode descriptions give up the ghost halfway through the season. Still, the series—a co-production with France’s M6 network—wasn’t a complete wash; at least a few critics suggested it was a decently fun summer fill-in, and something on the order of two million people tuned into it on Friday nights. But alas it is, now, extinct, with its short-lived existence only underscoring how fleeting all of life’s highs and lows are, from the spiraling heights of our finest arts and poetry, all the way back to a French-American action show about a woman reluctantly solving kayak crimes while soulful pop music plays.

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