In disappointing news both for fans who caught Method Man and Redman’s recent tour and Comedy Central programming executives, Redman tells Billboard that the sequel to 2001’s How High that the duo talked up on stage will probably never happen. “Universal is not giving up the names and characters," he says. "I'm like, 'If you're not gonna [let us] do it, why not just do the damn movie then and stop playing!'" Indeed. If only more studios would stop playing. Nevertheless, they're still planning on dropping another sequel—Blackout! 3—next summer, and Red says he’s currently working on a completely different screenplay for the two that, let’s face it, will probably be essentially the same: “It’s marijuana-related, but it’s gotta make sense,” he says. Um, no it doesn’t, Redman. How High was about a strain of pot that summons the dead, and featured you smoking out of a bong with Benjamin Franklin—and it was awesome. Stop playing.