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Redesign Fever Spreads... Latest Victim: indieWIRE

The A.V. Club isn't the only website to undergo an overhaul today. The venerable movie news and reviews outlet indieWIRE has taken the plunge as well, re-tooling its front page so that the articles are more neatly arranged and easier to access. As Editor-in-chief Eugene Hernandez explains:

"Understanding that indieWIRE has emerged as a hub for filmmakers, the industry, and movie lovers alike over the past twelve years, we have developed this new site as a gateway to the latest news, information, and resources for our readers, incorporating a number of innovative tools and approaches. The new site not only delivers the latest original editorial from indieWIRE’s editors and writers, but also features a new model for aggregating and showcasing the best coverage from journalists and bloggers all over the world."

We wish our indieWIRE kin the best of luck. Change is exciting, ain't it?


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