Conspiracy theorists love making sinister order out of chaos, so it actually makes sense that there would be hardcore American Horror Story fans out there trying to figure out the theme—and, by extension, Frances Conroy’s hairdo—for season five. Those fans, like hardcore fans of pretty much everything, congregate on Reddit, where one observant viewer who calls him or herself ace_VXIII has put forth a crazy-detailed and pretty convincing fan theory about season five.

[If Reddit is correct, huge potential spoilers ahead.]

According to ace_VXIII, the key to predicting Ryan Murphy’s next move is the top hat that has appeared printed on paper coffee cups and diner menus at various points throughout the season. (Murphy has confirmed the top hat’s importance to season five, calling it an “arcane” and “very purposeful” clue.) Those are purportedly veiled references to Operation Top Hat, a “local field exercise” conducted in Alabama in 1953—one year after the events of Freak Show—where the U.S. military tested biological and chemical weapons on unsuspecting human subjects.


As well as being horrifying, an emphasis on government experiments would also justify the inclusion of extraterrestrials, space being another of Murphy’s pet themes which has been strongly hinted at in Freak Show. Although, knowing Ryan Murphy, he would find a way to work werewolves or mummies or dolls possessed by the souls of serial killers or whatever in there, too.

[via The Huffington Post]