Photo: Reddit/BirdsWithArms

Reddit, in addition to being the number-four most-visited website in the United States, is largely known for being a toxic environment populated by the world’s 14-year-olds who commit countless hours to memes, clickbait, and the most futile exercise in human history: internet debate. But, as any avid redditor will tell you, the trick to getting an enjoyable experience out of the website is to meticulously curate which of the countless communities, a.k.a. subreddits, you actually want to see and interact with. That way, you can skip the unfunny reposts on all of the overpopulated boards and just talk to motorcycle enthusiasts, if that’s what you’re into.

Unfortunately, finding the good subreddits can be a real hassle. Reddit is a bloated behemoth of a website, and there’s a lot of bullshit to wade through. In a recent video, popular YouTube personality and author of The Fault In Our Stars, John Green tries to save his viewers a little time and labor by outlining his personal favorite subreddits, all of which focus on pure, mostly wholesome, enjoyment that can only be found on the internet.

Green’s favored communities, like Children Falling Over, Better Every Loop, and Oddly Satisfying, are mostly filled with GIFs designed to make you smile, laugh out loud, or at the very least blow a little air out of your nose as you keep scrolling. Data Is Beautiful, Internet Is Beautiful, and Nature Is Fucking Lit are all subreddits dedicated to fascinating dope shit, whether that be a highly detailed chart of the world’s carbon emissions or a GIF of a cool crab. Of course, when all of this potentially entertaining content fails you and you’re struggling to figure out why you’re on this website in the first place, there’s always Birds With Arms.


[via Boing Boing]