You may have forgotten about it between Louis CK’s child molestation joke and Rihanna blessing the stage. You probably didn’t even hear it. But if you did, take comfort in knowing that you aren’t the only one who believes someone farted during Saturday Night Live’s cold open this past weekend.

The fart in question occurs right after the 1:32 mark.

The satirical cheers and Hilary Clinton joke continued on, but it wasn’t enough to make Reddit users forget what they’ve just heard. Those brave souls felt obliged to find out who farted in that scene. Was it the amicable Cecily Strong? Or was it Kate McKinnon, whose leaning posture is a prime position for intestinal relief?


The consensus is that Kenan Thompson is the culprit. It couldn’t be McKinnon. She doesn’t break character. She is Hilary Rodham Clinton, and she is feeling it.

The most conclusive evidence is in the shot below. Look at Leslie Jones, whose face expresses more disgust than guilt. Then look at Thompson. It’s possible that he didn’t fart, but the guilty look on the face doesn’t say, “I’m not mortified by the wet one I just let out.”