(Photo: HBO)

Should you be clamoring for news about which (tiny, yet tough as nails) character you’ll see more of in the upcoming season of Game Of Thrones, read ahead. If you want to hear nothing of the show until it returns, steer clear. But you can probably guess who we’re talking about based on that parenthetical. Yes, some photos posted to Twitter indicate that young Lyanna Mormont of Bear Island will be back for upcoming episodes to tell it like it is. The images show actress Bella Ramsey emerging from a trailer in costume, and were picked up by the site Watchers On The Wall.


Lyanna has only been featured in a couple of scenes, but she was instantly beloved thanks to her no-bullshit attitude. The seventh season of the series is set to premiere in summer 2017 and last for a mere seven episodes.

[via Huffington Post]