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Red Letter Media’s Mr. Plinkett reacts to that new Star Wars trailer

Another day, another reaction to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. These things will be very constant over the next year, but luckily there’s still some originality to be found in various approaches to the material. One such video has been released by Red Letter Media, a group of talented filmmakers and critics who have spent way, way, way more time thinking about and discussing the latter day Star Wars films than anyone outside of the 501st Legion (hello, nerds that got that reference!).

RLM’s curmudgeon critic (and occasional murderer/kidnapper) character Mr. Plinkett comes back to react to the new teaser and his response is…about what one would expect if not also felt upon viewing the footage. There’s some cool, familiar stuff in the teaser that’s framed in slightly different ways than previously seen used to build buzz and interest while telling nothing about the actual film itself. Plinkett even points out how he had originally said that Abrams would be perfect to direct a Star Wars film in his Star Trek (2009) review as Abrams is less interested in the science and utopian aspects of sci-fi stories but loves the broad themes and archetypal journeys they tend to employ.


There’s also some jokes about the age of the original cast returning before a surprise appearance by a favorite side character whose inability to resist unfortunate musical artists makes him strangely more relatable than three movies detailing his character development.

The Force may be strong, but the hook of that song is even stronger!

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