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Red Dead Redemption 2 inspires wistful new song, "The Moon Made Me Shit My Pants"

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Red Dead Redemption 2 has inspired art before, but now, thanks to Irish comedian/writer/musician Blindboy Boatclub, it’s become a virtual muse used to create improvised music live for the internet. Blindboy, who appears in public with a garbage bag balaclava over his head and performs in Rubberbandits, has been streaming Red Dead on Twitch for a while now, cranking out hit after hit about whatever he gets up to in the game.

To understand the appeal of his ongoing musical project, though, you have to start with the auto-tuned ballad of “The Moon Made Me Shit My Pants.”

The song, which sounds like a Bon Iver B-side, was inspired by the fact that the moon crosses the sky so quickly in Red Dead that seeing it in the real-world would most likely make you shit your pants in fear. That’s really all there is to it. Blindboy layers multiple tracks between picking up an Xbox controller and walking protagonist Arthur Morgan around in a store in search of a new, clean pair of pants. He’s also performed tracks about scrubbing his head and balls while he leads Morgan around a tavern and into the bath and others about whatever he sees inside one of the game’s hotels.


Most recently, Blindboy gave us the free-wheeling tale of “The taming and accidental death of a wild horse.” As you might expect, the track involves an accidental horse murder. “That’s fucking depressing,” Blindboy says before, heart wounded by death, he begins to play a soulful funeral ode to the animal, gone too soon.

In a profile from The Face published earlier this week, Blindboy calls the live viewer prompts he often uses to start his improvised songs “an act of participatory art.” He also talks about his love of how “fucking cyberpunk” live streaming is, saying he can imagine a 1960s sci-fi writer opening a story with: “‘The year is 2020 and a global pandemic means that people can’t leave the house—but a covert, guerilla broadcaster is using all this mad equipment and lights to get his message out.’”

Read the entire Face profile for more on Blindboy and Rubberbandits or watch him improvise more Red Dead Redemption 2 songs on his Twitch channel.

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