Screenshot: Rockstar Games

“As a piece of craft, Red Dead Redemption 2 exceeds any game ever made, easily and immediately,” reads our awestruck review of Rockstar Games’ latest blockbuster. This wasn’t just a relief for fans, but for Rockstar, too, who threw all their eggs in the vast open world Western, their only release since Grand Theft Auto V dropped five years ago. Well, the developers can let out a sigh of relief for now, as the company has announced (via Variety) that Red Dead Redemption 2 had the biggest opening weekend for, well, any piece of entertainment ever.

By raking in $725 million in worldwide retail sales, the game surpassed this year’s Avengers: Infinity War, which itself took in a staggering $640 million during its opening weekend. Grand Theft Auto V still reigns as the highest grossing entertainment launch of all time—it made more than $1 billion in sell-through in its first three days—but it arrived on a Tuesday as opposed to a Friday. The game has also set records for the highest ever number of pre-orders, highest day one sales, and highest sales for the first three days in market on the PlayStation Network.


Can we credit its success with the fact that your horse’s testicles expand and contract depending on the temperature? Sure, why not.