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Red Dawn remake will finally be released next year

Illustration for article titled emRed Dawn /emremake will finally be released next year

MGM’s Red Dawn remake—the last of the films that were left orphaned as the studio spiraled into bankruptcy, then briefly considered running off with whatever long-haul trucker pulled through the Denny’s in Anaheim and just starting over—will finally hit theaters sometime next year, nearly three years after it was completed and quickly shelved. Fortunately things like xenophobic paranoia, rampant jingoism, and pretty young people with guns never really go out of style, so the film will feel as fresh as ever, and like the similarly shelved-then-rescued The Cabin In The Woods, it may even get a boost from the rising profile of Thor star Chris Hemsworth, who will now accidentally enjoy a pretty busy 2012, thanks to these, The Avengers, and Snow White And The Huntsman. As previously reported, however, the changing times mean what you won’t see is any suggestion that China is a potential enemy, because they have tons of money and buy a lot of movies these days. Instead, producers have made the most of the interim before FilmDistrict finally picked it up, hunkering down and digitally altering all the film’s villains to make them North Korean, presumably by superimposing Kim Jong Il’s head onto everyone. (Though something tells us he would actually really enjoy that.)


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