Much has been made of the grim and gritty atmosphere of the first trailer for Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Perhaps the film would be better served if it brought back the stars of yesteryear to lend some element of lightness to an otherwise dour affair? Bobby Burns has done just that, incorporating footage from the Richard Donner/Richard Lester Superman films along with the Batman 1966 TV series. Instead of a pouty Henry Cavill seemingly constantly drenched in rain, viewers are greeted by Christopher Reeve’s stalwart Superman standing up to his foes. And instead of gruff-speaking Ben Affleck, this Batman is portrayed by the always-game Adam West.

True, there are less explosions in this version, but there’s still plenty of action: Batman attempts to dispose of a bomb! Superman takes on Non from Superman II! They were simpler times, but—given the mostly negative reaction to the overly dark trailer—perhaps that isn’t such a bad thing.