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Rectify will return (slowly, purposefully) in June

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Relayed by a glint of sunset refracted through Southern foliage (or a press release, if you want to be coarse about it), SundanceTV has announced that season two of Rectify will premiere Thursday, June 19. One of 2013’s finest TV offerings, Rectify tells the story of former death-row inmate Daniel Holden (Aden Young) as he attempts to re-acclimate to life in his hometown. It’s so much more than that simple premise suggests, though, suffused with lush photography, powered by difficult questions about morality, and illuminated by a time-hopping narrative that pretty much makes it True Detective without that jaundiced jackass in the crown ruining every shot. According to Sundance’s fittingly ambiguous synopsis, season two will find “Daniel becoming an active participant in his life, making decisions and thinking about the future as he struggles to find meaning in a dangerous and unpredictable world.” He’ll probably take a break from all that active participation to look longingly at his surroundings (and maybe do a little jig to the mixtape in his mind), because Young is really good with intense stares and Ray McKinnon’s camera loves the Georgia landscape.


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