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Rectify gets a third season

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SundanceTV has renewed its original drama Rectify, Entertainment Weekly reports. With an episode order that “may come in on the short side,” the story of Daniel Holden’s life after 19 years on death row—and, increasingly, the stories of the people surrounding Daniel—will continue on into a third season of quiet contemplation and characters artfully framed through windows and/or in overhead shots. The renewal notice comes two days prior to the second-season finale of the show, which is the first created by former Sons Of Anarchy and Deadwood player Ray McKinnon.


Rectify has evolved into a show much loved by critics and fans,” said SundanceTV president Sarah Barnett, a network exec who’s clearly been reading The A.V. Club. (She should check back Friday morning for the finale postmortem we’ve scheduled with McKinnon.) “As SundanceTV’s first scripted series, it’s gratifying to see such distinctive and unusual storytelling embraced with such passion.”

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