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Record companies seek to freeze LimeWire's assets, still harping on about this whole "piracy" thing

This just in: Record companies still don’t like it when people download albums for free on the Internet, and they would like to be paid, please. A coalition of 13 major distributors—Arista, Atlantic, BMG Music, Capital, Elektra, Interscope, LaFace, Motown, Priority, Sony BMG, UMG, Virgin, and Warner Brothers—has filed a request to freeze all assets belonging to file-sharing service LimeWire, claiming that founder Mark Gorton had moved nearly all of his ownership stakes in the company to an unnamed outside “entity” which he “openly” hopes will be shielded from the hundreds of millions of dollars in copyright infringement damages he owes, stemming from a U.S. District Court decision last month.

Last week, the same coalition also entered a request for a permanent injunction to completely halt LimeWire’s service, claiming that despite that decision, LimeWire is still doing exactly what LimeWire was created to do. A spokesperson for LimeWire said that it remained undeterred, and that it would “stay focused on the development of our new music service and ensure that the company continues business as usual”—that business being, of course, making it easy for people to download albums for free on the Internet.


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