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Recently unearthed letter reveals Madonna hates actresses and Chicago

In news that would have rocked the entertainment world approximately 20 years ago but which now serves as merely late-afternoon blog filler, Letters Of Note has unearthed a 1991 handwritten missive between Madonna and a photographer friend, in which she complains about working on A League Of Their Own and declares, “I hate actresses.” (“Which I guess is why she never became one,” he said, making a Z-formation snap in the air.) Other revelations: She calls Geena Davis “a Barbie doll,” and says, “When God decided where the beautiful men were going to live in the world, he did not choose Chicago.” You just got roasted, men of Chicago of 1991. Fortunately she was somehow able to put all these feelings of enmity aside, as any fan of League Of Their Own can tell you that there’s nothing but pure magic up there on the screen.

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