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Rebel Wilson to star in rom-com about a woman whose life becomes a rom-com

How To Be Single

Rebel Wilson’s already got a few romantic comedies under her belt—Bridesmaids, two Pitch Perfect movies and, more recently, How To Be Single. But her latest project will be a bit more meta, as Variety reports that Wilson is set to star in a romantic comedy about a woman whose life becomes a romantic comedy. Wilson will play a “cynical young woman who doesn’t believe in love,” which is presumably the quality that makes her a prime candidate for waking up one day to find that her life has become a romantic comedy. Naturally, this premise raises plenty of questions, such as will she dance to Hall & Oates music in Central Park with some coordinated strangers? Or will she just fake orgasms at a famous New York eatery? Whatever it entails, prepare yourselves for the inevitable trailer with a voiceover that begins “From the producers of Paul Blart: Mall Cop and What Women Want.” That would be Todd Garner and Gina Matthews, respectively, who will co-produce along with Grant Scharbo.


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