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Rebel Wilson set to steal scenes in Night At The Museum 3

In-between shooting her ABC sitcom Super Fun Night and preparing to return to her breakthrough role as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect 2, Rebel Wilson has decided to go ahead and steal some scenes in Night At The Museum 3 as well. According to Deadline, the Australian comedian has signed on to play a nighttime security guard who will undoubtedly share Wilson’s propensity for casually delivered non-sequiturs and upbeat self-deprecation. She joins returning stars Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, and Ricky Gervais for the third film in the ridiculously popular series, which this go-around is set at the British Museum.

Other plot details are being kept under wraps, but there’s an awfully good chance this film will feature Ben Stiller’s security guard trying to manage the wacky shenanigans of museum exhibits who all happen to have British accents. As previously reported, Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens is also joining the cast as a villainous incarnation of Lancelot, whom Wilson will presumably look up and down before delivering a line of confident yet unassuming sexual innuendo. The film hits theaters on December 25.


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