Two days is roughly the equivalent of two weeks in Internet time, so chances are good you’ve already experienced the odd combination of rage and joy that comes with watching Rebecca Black’s insta-viral “Friday” music video, which started making the rounds after we here at GJI kicked off to have fun fun fun fun last Friday afternoon. But perhaps you were too busy partyin’ partyin’ for early St. Patty’s Day and missed out… or perhaps, like me, you’ve spent the last two days singing “kickin’ in the front seat, kickin’ in the backseat” on a loop and need another fix. Take it away, Becks!

Details are still emerging on this hot new singing sensation, but she’s apparently part of something called the “Ark Music Factory,” which apparently custom-tailors “singing” careers for wannabe pop stars with rich parents and poor judgement. If you don’t wanna miss the boat on the next Ark superstar, check out this highlight reel: