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Reba McEntire’s folksy charm hasn’t had a regular outlet on TV for a couple of years now. Her eponymous sitcom ended back in 2007, and her follow-up attempt, Malibu Country, didn’t last long. But, according to Variety, McEntire is plotting her return, albeit in a project with significantly more drama. Variety reports that ABC is developing a new series from Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry that would star McEntire.

Seems like Cherry’s up to his old tricks with this one, a “Southern Gothic soap opera” about a Kentucky town that’s the epicenter of a terrorist attack. Per Variety: “The FBI sends a cocky agent of Middle Eastern descent to investigate and he teams up with the mercurial local sheriff to uncover secrets far darker than either could have ever imagined.” It’s unclear whether McEntire is going to play said sheriff, but you wouldn’t see us complaining if she does. As for the show itself, the tale of a small Southern community dealing with terrorism could certainly prove interesting in the Trump era if handled correctly. That’s a big “if,” however.


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