According to Curbed, Coldwell Banker seems to have successfully sold the San Diego home once owned by filmmaker Oren Peli, who made it famous as the house where nothing too scary happened in Paranormal Activity. The residence—a four bedroom, 2.5-bath in Point Carmel, with an infamous history of someone occasionally standing when they should have been sleeping—went on the market on January 21, but the listing was taken down just eight days later.

Curbed speculates this is because the house quickly met its full asking price of $749,000, which is perfectly reasonable for the square footage and neighborhood. Though it’s also possible brokers decided they simply had to abandon it, after a guy who claimed to be a psychic said he felt uncomfortable there, or maybe a door moved like an inch.

Curbed also has some photos of the house’s interior, which should look familiar to anyone who’s seen the 2007 film or a house. Should the Paranormal Activity house have actually sold, it’s likely real estate agents tried their best not to mention all of the sort-of freaky things that fake-happened in these rooms—taking pains to point out the spacious living area, for example, but not revealing that one time, a Ouija board planchette moved a little bit and then briefly caught on fire. Or praising the high ceiling fans, but keeping mum about that one night they kind of shook. Or showing off the attic space, without even discussing that time someone found a photograph up there.


Peli said he wrote and filmed Paranormal Activity in the home after moving in and experiencing his own unexplained phenomena there. His claim was confirmed the year of the movie’s release, when reporters talked to a few scared pool men who supposedly refused to get out of their truck. So, whoever buys the house may have to clean the pool themselves—which is truly terrifying.