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In what can only be described as the stupidest celebrity beef of all time, Apprentice arch-shrew Omarosa has lashed out at Bonnie Hunt for calling her behavior "less than classy" on her talk show. Omarosa accused the widely beloved actress/television personality of resorting to "playground name calling". You have to admit, though, that your child attends a pretty fucking civilized school if playground taunts seldom get uglier than, "I find your behavior less than classy." In related news, nobody should buy this horrible woman's horrible book, or publicize it by feeding into Omarosa's desperate attempt to transform this non-issue into a news story. Oh wait. Never mind. Here, for your enduring edification, is Omarosa's press release concerning the feud.

Omarosa Speaks Out in Response to Bonnie Hunt TELEVISION PERSONALITY SAYS BONNIE HUNT HAS STARTED "A CATFIGHT SHE COULD NEVER WIN": On Monday, October 20th, on a new episode of her talk show, Bonnie Hunt revealed her thoughts on television personality Omarosa and Donald Trump joining forces for a new dating show. Hunt told her audience, "I don't understand the rewarding of behavior that is less than classy. I don't get it. And we create these stars or whatever it is. I don't understand." In response to Hunt, Omarosa has issued the following statement: "I'd rather play a bitch than be a bitch. To understand the difference, Bonnie Hunt needs to take a lesson from my new book, The Bitch Switch. In these days of political and social insults running rampant, I'm saddened by Bonnie Hunt's need to resort to playground name calling. I want to support a talented lady who's trying to survive in a tough industry, and I regret that she doesn't choose to do the same. Why use her fledgling show to start a catfight she could never win?" The Bitch Switch is available today, Tuesday, October 21, wherever books are sold.


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