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Reality show contestant threatens to sue Entourage for sullying the name "Johnny Bananas"

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After enduring endless rounds of Ball Buster on Real World/Road Rules Challenges, former Real World housemate and general reality show invention Johnny Devananzio feels as though he has more than earned the right to the nickname “Johnny Bananas” and all of the goodwill and recognition that goes with it. So you can imagine Devananzio’s distress upon learning that HBO’s Entourage had created a fictional animated show-within-a-show starring an idiotic, loudmouthed, self-involved ape named Johnny Bananas. Why, it was as though they had reached within his soul and stolen his very identity, and only MTV is allowed to do that.


So in the rare case of a person threatening a lawsuit unless they are acknowledged as a giant asshole, Devananzio tells TMZ that he has issued a cease and desist to the show’s creators, taking legal action for its “attempt to capitalize” on all the “years of hard work and dedication I’ve spent making Johnny Bananas a household name,” as you no doubt know from the many Johnny Bananas-related conversations you’ve had around your house. There must have been many vexing comedy-of-errors moments when you started another casual discussion amongst your household about the monkey-man shenanigans of Ol’ Johnny Bananas, only to discover that one of you meant a minor Entourage subplot, while the other was referring to the famed Real World: Key West cast member. Most vexing indeed. But do not worry! The order of things soon will be shifted, and the one true Johnny Bananas will have his day. Well, except for the fact that HBO’s spokesperson has said they never actually received any such cease-and-desist letter. Oh, Johnny Bananas! That is so Johnny Bananas. The famed Real World: Key West cast member, we mean, not the monkey.

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