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Realistic police procedural Sleepy Hollow to cross over with Bones

Bones / Sleepy Hollow

Looking to promote some synergy between its two police procedurals about quirky, hard-working detectives who sometimes also battle “the god demon of child sacrifice,” Fox has announced that Sleepy Hollow and Bones will be crossing over for an event some time during the 2015-2016 season. The crossover—which was prompted, it seems, by the fact that Sleepy Hollow will be moving to Thursday nights next season to air directly after Emily Deschanel’s decade-long odyssey of ossification investigation—was originally planned for the shows’ fall debuts, but has been delayed due to “logistical issues.” One might imagine.

Still, it’s only a matter of time before Ichabod Crane and Dr. Temperance Brennan team up, with the writers of both shows assuring fans that they have an “inventive idea”—which may or may not be code for “dream sequence, we guess?”—to merge the two universes organically. After all, many of the warlocks and demons that Crane and his crew battle against employ bones to lend their skeletons resilience and strength, a classic mistake that unknowingly places them firmly in the jurisdiction of Dr. Brennan and her crack team of bone-hunting squints. (We would also accept a plotline in which David Boreanaz’s prominent brow finally bursts free from his skull, leaving Deschanel to team up with Tim Mison to end the marrow-filled threat once and for all.)


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