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Real World cast member loses Entourage lawsuit, esteem inherent in the name "Johnny Bananas"

Threatening to forever call into question the good standing of the name "Johnny Bananas," former Real World cast member and professional "former Real World cast member" John Devenanzio has lost his lawsuit against HBO, after it brazenly allowed the show Entourage to use the name "Johnny Bananas" as the name of an easily riled cartoon ape with an inflated sense of self-importance. Clearly said ape represented specific "allusions to [his] physical and mental character," Devananzio claimed in actual papers filed with an actual court that are now actually on record, essentially demanding it recognize that he is famous for being a selfish, primitive idiot. Devananzio further argued that Entourage "damaged his name and personality" that had until now been held in high esteem, causing him "emotional distress" through his constant worrying that the annals of history might forever link the name "Johnny Bananas" to a minor subplot on an ephemeral cable TV show, instead of to the Real World: Key West housemate best known for forcibly removing his housemate's bikini top, to whom it so rightfully belongs.

Unfortunately for future generations, the court cared not for the way in which the name "Johnny Bananas" might continue to ring out across this land, dismissing Devananzio's case on a statute of limitations ruling for his failing to file a claim until more than a year after the character had been introduced—a gaffe which is so Johnny Bananas. Of course, thanks to blind Lady Justice, the question of whether I'm referring to Johnny Bananas, the very famous Real World cast member, or Johnny Bananas, the cartoon ape occasionally glimpsed on Entourage, is now shrouded in uncertainty. As of today, the name "Johnny Bananas" has lost all its integrity.


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