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Real people are referring to sandwiches as “homemade Subway” now

In a move that’s either astoundingly stupid or one of those “Kanye fans don’t know who Paul McCartney is” pranks, Buzzfeed is reporting that regular people are now referring to plain old sandwiches as “homemade Subway.” The site compiled a bunch of tweets from actual people who post pictures of their sad-looking “homemade Subway” sandwiches, some of which are just on regular sliced bread, not even fancy sub-style rolls. They even come with chips, just like the classic restaurant style combo—albeit chips that are just hasily poured on a plate and not served in their own individual bag. What, are we some sort of animals now?


Homemade subway made by @nabilanabz for lunch pic.twitter.com/SDp7WLHsKM

— ßíqqø (@sabiq_surattee) October 23, 2013


Homemade subway (with Bacon)…. It’s all coming together! pic.twitter.com/Yl9LQBCzpO

— Ben He∆th (@TwoDoorBicycle) May 3, 2014


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