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"Real-life Vincent Chase" trying to stop ridiculously fake-life Vincent Chase from doing the Entourage movie

While everything seemed to have worked out for the Entourage movie—thus being only one shot of a private plane flying into the sunset from bringing an end to the “Entourage movie”—life just wouldn’t be an Entourage movie without the most minor and ridiculous of dramatic hurdles to be cleared first. And so, with no porn stars available to tempt the production with comically oversized bags of cocaine, enter the “real-life Vincent Chase,” who TMZ reports has served Warner Bros. with a cease-and-desist letter demanding that the studio not use the name “Vincent Chase” in the film, despite variations on Vinnie's name accounting for approximately 60 percent of all Entourage dialogue.

While the identity of the “real-life Vincent Chase” is not so secretly producer Mark Wahlberg himself (no matter what Adrian Grenier’s Instagram would suggest), in this case, the complainant is the legendary acting coach who, during his 60-plus years of training everyone from Henry Fonda to Fred Durst, reportedly befriended Wahlberg while working on the 1997 Bill Paxton movie Traveller. And Wahlberg so treasured their relationship, he thought, “What better way to honor a man who has contributed so much to film than by grafting his name onto a show about a vain movie star goofing off with his dickweed friends?”


Though Chase The Elder has previously seemed proud of the association—acknowledging it in his professional bio, and no doubt casually mentioning it whenever he’s picking up some strange at L.A. hotspots—he did apparently complain plenty of times to the studio during Entourage’s HBO run, and is now following that up with a threatened lawsuit. Of course, like past cases of “real-life” Entourage inspirations, it’s doubtful any judge would rule there’s a case for confusion here, as no one would ever associate Entourage with great acting.

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